Tamas Barat, the CCO of Fibraco LLC has been elected Honorary President of American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. Fibraco LLC is a proud member and supporter of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.


Miklos Gor-Nagy, International Director, Tamas Barat Founder, Honorary President of AmHunCham, Istvan Pasztor Consul General of Hungary, Maria Marai, Dr. Vice President of AmHunCham

The AmHunCham held its general meeting on May 24, in a modern hybrid way, with personal participation in New York on the one hand, and online, on the other.

AmHunCham has been electing a new leadership every two years since its re-establishment in 2016, on May 24, 2022, at the Consulate General in New York. At the General Assembly, the membership approved the annual report for 2021, the office was renewed for the next two years, and the membership listened to a report on recent and upcoming events.

István Pásztor, Consul General of Hungary in New York, greeted the participants of the General Assembly with warm words. In his greeting, he emphasized that he was convinced that “it is important that the relationships that have been established are maintained.” The Consul General said that in the current economic and financial situation, it is even more important to have channels that help companies to thrive. According to István Pásztor, we are all interested in the success of Hungarian companies. He added that he was confident that “the Chamber will continue to be able to help.”

The General Assembly elected Dr. Martin Zsarnóczky to the President, a Hungarian professor, and Dr. Mária Márai, a lawyer and the owner of a law firm in New York, as the vice-president.

Dr. Kálmán Magyar, a lawyer and owner of a law firm in Canada and the USA, became a member of the Board. Nikolett Szántovszky, Foreign Economic Attaché at the Hungarian Consulate General in New York, remained the secretary of the organization. The treasurer of AmHunCham is András Révész, head of a New York travel agency who has held this position since its inception.

Tamas BaratThe new General Assembly elected Tamás Barát, the founder of AmHunCham, the outgoing former President, as Honorary President.


What does AmHunCham do?

In response to a question from our correspondent, Tamás Barát, the outgoing founder and now elected honorary president, following the General Assembly, he said:

“It’s hard over six years. In 2016, several people said it was impossible to re-establish the chamber in New York because the economic life here was so diverse. We managed to prove that these skeptics were wrong.

The network we built works. I would add that on a voluntary basis, without any financial compensation, those interested are available to lawyers, financial or management professionals who contribute their knowledge to the success of Hungarian business players in entering the American market.

Our mission statement states: “The American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in New York strives to be a bridge between the American and Hungarian business worlds to establish and facilitate thriving business and trade relations. AmHunCham wants to achieve mutual understanding. We want to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the businesspeople of the two countries. ”

There are four types of activities that AmHunCham does. The most important thing for Hungarian companies is “business marriage mediation”. We are looking for and, in many cases, finding American partners for Hungarian companies.

Equally important is what we call a “spokesperson role”. Especially during the Covid epidemic, Hungarian businesspeople could not, could not travel here to the United States, but we are here, and if possible, we can take part in important American events and tell us why it is worth trading with Hungarian companies.

Our third activity, and we think the most important, is the exchange of information. We collect and pass on to our members and partners all the information that is important for a Hungarian businessperson to be successful in the American market. The reverse is also true. We collect and pass on the information that American businesspeople need in the Hungarian market.

Our fourth activity is lobbying for the establishment of Hungarian American issues. ”

Dr Martin Zsarnóczky, the newly elected President, added that he saw the need for the experience and network of contacts that the Chamber had gathered so far, and stressed that it considered it very important to continue to hold business meetings to build business relationships, facilitating the exchange of information and experience, such as webinars.

The general meeting was closed by Dr. Martin Zsarnóczky to “continue as we started.”