“The Fibraco helped us get started straight forward management advice. Parties to business success. Fibraco’s work helped us uncover opportunities. I had not even seen before and really helped the business get to the next level.”

Andrew Nagy, Owner, CEO / Stamp-Flex Ltd

“The Fibraco built our website. Customized all our ideas. Excellent, accurate, fast job. Everything was well executed and very valuable. Surprised at how much Fibraco  knew about our company and how well he related it to us.”

Gabi Szilagyi, Owner / Balanka

“Fibraco makes it easy to figure out what is working well, what is not and what we need to change. They make it less stressful.”

George Adams, Managing Director  / NYShadows

 Some important partners of Fibraco Llc


The Fibraco LLC is a proud member of the

American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce



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